Rare Swiss Watches Stolen from Museum

 |  July 30th, 2015

The historic town of La Chaux-de-Fonds and nearby Le Locle – where Swiss watchmaking got its start – are sleepy towns with rich heritage and significant architecture that has garnered UNESCO World Heritage status. Recently, though, the towns were anything but sleepy. In fact, Monday night, thieves broke through window bars at the well-known Musee’ d’ Horlogerie du Locle and stole approximately 15 timepieces. The loot they made off with included antitque pocket watches, antique travel clocks and some more modern wristwatches – all stolen within minutes. The thieves have not yet been found. This break in comes just two months on the heels of the burglary at Musée International d’Horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds back in May, where thieves broke down the front…

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Baume & Mercier’s Clifton Complete Calendar: A Moon for Every Man

 |  July 29th, 2015

Baume & Mercier has been making quality Swiss-made timepieces for the past 184 years and is well poised for another couple of centuries. The brand makes a constant effort to combine traditional styles with modern approaches, which has resulted in an amazing line up of watches. Among them: the Clifton Complete Calendar with its Anthracite dial and moon phase. The piece itself features a Swiss-made self-winding Dubois Depraz 9000 movement, which handles quite a few technical functions.The Dubois Depraz caliber (with 25 jewels) boasts a 42-hour power reserve. The moon phase, day, month and central hand date functions are displayed in a very classic, yet contemporary manner. At 43mm, the polished/satin-finished steel casing contains a sapphire crystal both on the front as well…

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Watch this Armin Strom Watchmaking Video — You’ll be Glad You Did

 |  July 27th, 2015

If seeing is believing, then Armin Strom’s newest short video will have you understanding the fundamental principles behind the brand’s entire manufacturing process. The detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating such exceptional timepieces is now available for all to see.  From a concept’s inception to its final completion, the balance between man and machine aligns perfectly. The  approximately 2-1/2-minute video below demonstrates the brand’s Swiss watchmaking abilities and forward thinking innovation– and is worth the time. It is interesting to note that one of the key lines for the brand is its Skeleton Pure  three-dimensional timepieces with four distinct models, two of which we covered  here. The watch is the perfect tie-in with Armin Strom’s sailing venture, now in its second year. In…

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Hublot, Paris Saint-Germain Unveil LE Big Bang Under the Stars

 |  July 24th, 2015

By Gordon Henderson Anyone who knows New York, knows that it is not just one of the greatest cosmopolitan cities in the world, but also that it is the place to be for big announcements. On Thursday night – at the Loft & Garden on the rooftop of the Rockefeller Center building, Hublot made multiple big announcements. In fact, not only did the brand bring in the players from the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club to help unveil the new Official limited edition watch, but it also had Giants’ NFL player Victor Cruz on hand to help unveil the watch.  Helping to MC the event was former New York Giant quarterback and newly minted Good Morning America special correspondent, Jesse Palmer –a…

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Spotted: RGM Watches on GMC National Commercial

 |  July 23rd, 2015

If you watch television, you may have already seen the newest “precision” commercial by GMC. The spot touts the fact that the “well put together man is said to be sharp.” The concept is that GMC understands why people appreciate precision and they can deliver it. However, what is great about the commercial is that it shows lifestyle – the lifestyle of that “sharp” man, which includes fine tailoring, a great Denali and a great timepiece … in this case, an RGM watch. But wait, it gets better. Not only does the watch – the RGM Model 400 Chronograph– receive the free publicity of being in the TV commercial, but also it gets its own moment on a full screen.…

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