He did What with that Rolex Watch? Take this USA President’s Day Quiz

 |  February 16th, 2015

Here in the USA, it’s President’s Day. Right from our very first president, these guys had their own quirks and habits. And, they wore watches. Here we bring you a brief President’s Day Quiz. 1 – What President refused – initially to accept his salary? 2- Who was the first president to be born in a hospital? 3 – Who was our shortest president? 4- Who immediately gave away and never wore a Rolex watch from Marilyn Monroe? 5- Which President’s likeness (in the form of a drawing) was used in a Heuer ad? 6- Who reportedly wore a Timex while in office? 7- What was the most popular clock given to US presidents? 8- Which Rolex watch is nicknamed…

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Cheers! Here’s to a Bright and Healthy 2015!

 |  December 31st, 2014

As the new year nears, we want to take a few minutes to wish everyone a wonderful year, filled with success, health, happiness and time – time to do what matters most to you.For me, time is the most precious gift of all. Sometimes, I admit, I have squandered it– working late into the night instead of enjoying that movie with my family. Sometimes, I have abused it — letting precious minutes go unused for important things. But most of the time, I have embraced it fully. I am blessed — I say it often. On the personal side, while I have lost many of my close family members, I still have a great system at home with my husband, no-longer teenaged…

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Watch Industry Veteran Journalist Roberta Naas Shares True Views on Time, Watches, Brands and Much More in an Exclusive Podcast Interview

 |  October 17th, 2014

For those who want an insider’s view on leaders, legend-makers and visionaries in the watch industry – you may want to settle down with a cup of coffee, or a glass of scotch and listen to the just-released pod-cast interview with Roberta Naas – 30-year watch veteran journalist. Far be it from us to harangue you for 40 minutes with talk about the watch industry, but, if you are interested in hearing a little about how I got started in this field, how the watch industry has evolved over the past three decades, and what is important today —  you may be interested in listening to a portion of the 40-minute podcast I took part in recently with Amit Dev Handa…

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4 Watch Brands Inspired by FIFA World Cup in Brazil (Part 3 in Who’s Who: Watches and the FIFA World Cup)

 |  July 9th, 2014

Throughout the past month, with the World Cup in full swing, we have brought you one of the most comprehensive looks at watch brands involved in international football. Just check back to see the 20 plus posts under the FIFA 2014 search on our sight. Now, with FIFA 2014 coming to a  close in just about two weeks, it seems a good time to add to our previous comprehensive reporting of watch brands involved in soccer. Now, we bring you a look at some watches that simply are inspired by the beauty of Brazil and the concept of this year’s World Cup there. These brands have created timepieces that sport the colors of the country, or that offer other intriguing…

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FIFA and Audemars Piguet Watches: International Footballer Leo Messi (Part 2 in Who’s Who: Watches and the FIFA World Cup)

 |  June 20th, 2014

Throughout the past week, we brought you a complete list of five top watch brands that are sponsors of international football teams as the World Cup officially started. We also brought you details of Hublot’s role as Official Timer. Today, we begin to move a step further into the incredible world of who’s who in watch brands involved in World Cup international football. Today, we begin taking a look at  watch brands that have both past legendary soccer players and current soccer players on board as brand ambassadors. Audemars Piguet: Four-time Golden Ball winner Leo Messi. Messi, who has visited Audemars Piguet in Le Brassus, has been a brand ambassador for four years. The Argentina-born legend wears his namesake limited…

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