Wake Up America, New York Preservationists Need Your Help

 |  October 9th, 2015

Yesterday, our colleagues over at Hodinkee published a guest editorial about helping to save a landmark clock in New York. You can read that article in full detail at Hodinkee.  Essentially, there is a plan in place to convert the 19th century New York Life Insurance Company’s former headquarters (346 Broadway) in Tribeca into condos. Within the building are several New York City landmark designations, including the rooms in the clock tower and the historic mechanical clock mechanism – built by E. Howard & Co. of Boston. An amazing structure run by more than a ton of weights and a 5,000-pound bell, the clock is a grand representation of American clock craftsmanship. (You really need to read the guest editorial…

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Hands-On Review of the Apple Watch: This Guy Walks into a Genius Bar ….

 |  July 2nd, 2015

By Norman M. Miller Like many watch lovers who are also tech geeks, I knew I was ordering the Apple Watch as soon as it was announced. I anxiously waited at my Mac Book for ordering to begin on April 10, and incessantly checked my order status on both my iPhone and iPad until a confirmation email told me I’d receive it on or around June 24. “Bummer,” I thought at the time … I wouldn’t have it to wear to the Las Vegas jewelry shows, where mixed opinions awaited. Unlike some, I do not see the Apple watch as a threat to the watch industry. I see it as an opportunity. Think about the 20 something’s in your lives…

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Mastering Silicium: Going Into the Workshops with Patek Philippe (It Wasn’t Easy)

 |  May 22nd, 2015

Just the other day, I had the unique experience of spending an entire day at a workshop with Patek Philippe in New York. There, we experienced a very thorough presentation of the brand’s pioneering research in silicium, and the material’s evolution as a balance wheel and as a hair spring.  It is astonishing to see that in just about a decade, the brand has evolved not only the materials and technology, but also the parts for which that it utilizes Silinvar(R) and oxidized Silinvar(R). Following an enlightening training session, we were able to actually  try our hand at working with the Silinvar spring and balance wheel- trying to assemble it — complete with getting those tiny feet in place — and place…

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Industry Loses Watch Veteran Steve Shonebarger

 |  May 11th, 2015

Sadly, last night, Steve Shonebarger, a 25-year-plus veteran in the watch and jewelry world, passed away. He had just been on an overseas trip  in his capacity as Vice President of Wholesale USA with deGrisogono. I first met Steve Shonebarger back in the early 1990’s when I was writing about watches and jewelry and he was Senior Vice President of Merchandising for Mayor’s Jewelers in Miami. In his young 40’s then, Steve was already sharp, smart and always pleasant. Over the past 25 years, I have been fortunate enough to work with him during the course of his career with multiple strong brands. When Steve left Mayor’s, he became Senior Vice President of Harry Winston for five years, and then went on to…

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Happy Mother’s Day — Mom’s Are a Lifetime of Memories

 |  May 10th, 2015

I would like to say that when i was younger, my mom handed down to me some fantastic watch and that my love of timepieces came from that — especially today on Mother’s Day. While she did hand me down a  pretty cool looking rose gold Bulova (yes a Bulova) that dates back to the 1940’s and was her sister’s watch, and she did hand me down a pretty funky 1950’s-ish Sheffield pendant watch — that is not at all what i remember her for. I remember her for being a very steady guiding force in my life. For teaching me to always do the right thing and to be a strong,  independent young woman. My dad died when I was nine…

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