Tiny Jewel Box’s Jim Rosenheim to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

 |  July 12th, 2016

Yes, this is a watch industry insider news story. One that deserves telling because the person involved deserves recognition. Yesterday, Jewelers of America announced that Jim Rosenheim, chairman of Tiny Jewel Box, a Washington DC retailer, has been named to receive the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Rosenheim is the third-generation in the family jewelry business, which has become a nationally renowned jewelry store. He started working at the store with his parents when he was 12 and quickly became a bench jeweler and lapidary. He led the store on an expansion from antique jewelry to current cutting-edge, fashion-forward offerings, and recently oversaw the expansion and renovation of the store — transitioning it to a high-jewelry and watch destination at a time when…

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Inside View: What It’s Really Like to go Aerobatic Flying …. Soaring Across the Skies with the Breitling Jet Team

 |  July 8th, 2016

Recently, I had the incredible honor of flying with the Breitling Jet Team. While i wrote a little about that on HauteTime, i now bring you all the inside details, as well as the upside down details of formation and aerobatic aviation flying. The day started like every other in my life. I awoke, and got ready to go to work. That was all that was the same for me. As I stepped out of the car on the East side of New York – where a seaplane awaited me – I figured my adventure with Breitling and the Breitling Jet Team was going to be an exciting one. I was wrong—it was so much more than exciting. The day…

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Industry Retail Legend, Harold Tivol, Dies at 92

 |  July 7th, 2016

I remember being new to this watch and jewelry industry. It was in the early-mid 1980’s and I was working for National Jeweler Magazine – then one of the top publications in the industry, owned by Milt Gralla and his brother. One of my first assignments was to fly to Kansas City, Mo., and visit with Tivol Jewelers – to write an article on the family-owned store that was going to named National Jeweler’s “Retailer Hall of Fame” winner. It was one of the more memorable experiences of my early career thanks to the very warm and welcoming Harold and Ruth Tivol, Sadly, Harold Tivol passed away yesterday at the age of 92. In my opinion, he was a man…

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Melissa Arnot, Alpina Ambassdor, Attempts 50 Peaks USA Climbing Challenge Wearing Smart Watch

 |  July 5th, 2016

Back in May, professional high-altitude American climber, and Alpina Watches Ambassador, Melissa Arnot became the first American woman– and the seventh woman ever — to summit Mt Everest and survive the descent without the use of supplemental oxygen. Climbing the 29,035 foot peak’s northeast ridge from Tibet, the expedition marked the sixth Everest summit for Arnot. Now, just in time for summer,  Arnot will be attempting to climb the highest peak in all 50 US states in 50 days this summer. On her wrist: the Alpina Horological Smartwatch. “I use the Horological Smartwatch as a safety tool in the mountains. Knowing my own data helps me better understand what I need to do to push myself to be better,” says Arnot,…

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Celebrating the 4th of July with 12 Red, White and Blue Watches (slideshow)

 |  July 1st, 2016

Independence Day is around the corner. In fact, this year the 4th of July falls on a Monday, giving us all a nice long weekend to relax and enjoy time off, time out and time on the wrist. So, for the fun of it, we bring you a look at 12 top red, white and blue watches. Indulge.  

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