Armin Strom Offers Personalized Watch Engraving

 |  December 19th, 2014

Just to be clear, you won’t be able to have this in time for the holidays, but — wow — what a gift — or even a self-purchase. Armin Stom, whom we have written about here many times before, now offers customers the chance to personalize his or her own watch. Just beneath the 6:00 mark on the bezel, the brand’s top-notch engraver will add the owner’s initials or special design to the piece — creating a distinctive  personal mark.   The price of the Gravity Water watch, shown above is $14,200. Once you purchase it, it is sent by the retailer to Switzerland for the engraving process, which starts with a drawing. You get to approve the drawing and…

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Red Bar Crew – Watch Collectors Gone Wild

 |  December 12th, 2014

By Gordon Henderson It has been said that life is a contact sport. Go out and meet people because many of life’s experiences are driven by the relationships you create. To this end, being around like-minded people is paramount. For me, finding a watch club has not only been a really cool experience with unbelievably awesome people, but also an opportunity to dive deeper into a subject matter I have always been fond of. Search through the hashtag #redbarcrew on Instagram and you will find posts and photos of a clan of watch lovers that meet weekly to grab a beer (or two or three or four…) and discuss, what else, watches. ATimelyPerspective editors – especially me – frequent these…

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IWC Unveils Peter Lindbergh Photos at ART Basel

 |  December 5th, 2014

Pardon our lateness in posting today, but we were on a plane back from Miami – where ArtBasel is winding down. This globally recognized art show has become the premiere place for watch brands to showcase their newest creations or their artistic involvements — usually with a star-studded cast. We attended with IWC, which launched the Portofino Midsize watch officially here in the USA, and which also unveiled the stunning artistic photos taken of IWC Friends of the Brand in Portofino. The marketing and publicity project, entitled Timeless Portofino,  showcases more than 60 top photographs of stars such as Ewan McGregor and Kate Blanchett, and is an impressive work of black-and-white photography. On hand for the press event, and the…

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Chopard Raises the bar on Gold Mining with its Fairmined L.U.C Tourbillon

 |  November 30th, 2014

By Isaac Wingold In today’s world, most consumers of luxury goods are aware of the measures one must take when acquiring a precious stone. Due to the popularity of the “Blood Diamond” movement, we’ve learned to avoid purchasing a stone that may fuel conflicts, but what most don’t realize is that the issue goes beyond just stones. Unfairly mined precious metals are also a prime example of the dark avarice of some individuals – yet another unpleasant reality the world faces. For this reason, watchmaking and jewelry industry giant Chopard has chosen to collaborate with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), to work towards giving Latin American mining communities Fairmined certification. Through their support of sustainable precious metals, and the…

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Why the new Limited Edition Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Won the Petite Aiguille Prize at the GPHG

 |  November 24th, 2014

By Isaac Wingold Grand Seiko is one brand that often gets overlooked by collectors, merely for its Japanese origins. While some may hold it to a different standard for this reason, the truth of the matter is that the Japanese produce truly incredible mechanical watches, made to the same extremely high standards of their European colleagues. Back at this past year’s Baselworld fair, Seiko unveiled a new creation, dubbed Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT, and if you weren’t already convinced of the brand’s incredible watchmaking abilities, the GPHG just made that decision for you. The brand’s newest offering was awarded the Petite Aiguille prize at the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, due to the extreme value in relation to mechanical…

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