Meet Waldan Watches: A Brand With History Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard

 |  July 8th, 2015

Unless you’re a trained professional, it wouldn’t be considered wise to take apart a watch just to put it back together again.  However, decades ago, a young Oscar Waldan, of Waldan Watches, secretly did just that with his father’s pocket watch simply to locate and diagram how the pieces fit together. Shockingly the story doesn’t end there. The Swiss-based Waldan Watch brand holds a rich history, which not only serves as an amazing backstory, but also sets it into a league of its own in terms of design and originality. Recently, ATimelyPerspective had the  opportunity to speak with Oscar’s son, Andrew Waldan to hear the entire story. Oscar Waldan’s life is something out of a Hollywood movie. At the onset…

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Former NFL Quarterback, Boomer Esiason, Talks Life, Time and Breitling

 |  January 12th, 2015

Born Norman Julius Esiason, the retired American football quarterback known to he world as Boomer, is a life-long Long Islander. Nicknamed by his mother before he was even born because of the big kicks he would give her from inside the womb, Boomer’s moniker stuck.  Boomer was a multi-sport talent in high school and later played professional football from the Cincinnati Bengals, the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals. Today, he wears many hats, ranging from newscaster to Breitling brand ambassador, to founder and staunch supporter of the Boomer Esiason Foundation to support money to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. While his son Gunnar was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis just about 21 years ago, Esiason – ironically – had already…

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Red Bar Crew – Watch Collectors Gone Wild

 |  December 12th, 2014

By Gordon Henderson It has been said that life is a contact sport. Go out and meet people because many of life’s experiences are driven by the relationships you create. To this end, being around like-minded people is paramount. For me, finding a watch club has not only been a really cool experience with unbelievably awesome people, but also an opportunity to dive deeper into a subject matter I have always been fond of. Search through the hashtag #redbarcrew on Instagram and you will find posts and photos of a clan of watch lovers that meet weekly to grab a beer (or two or three or four…) and discuss, what else, watches. ATimelyPerspective editors – especially me – frequent these…

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A Moment in Time: Thierry and Philippe Stern Speak Out about Patek Philippe at the 175th Anniversary Celebrations

 |  October 20th, 2014

Last week in Geneva, we had the grand experience of joining the legendary Patek Philippe watch brand in its celebration of the brands’ 175th anniversary.  We brought you the milestones in the company’s history here and the news of the major grand complication unveiled (the Master chime) here.  But that is just a small portion of what Patek Philippe had to offer for the 175th anniversary.  The celebrations were not just a look back in history, and not just the unveiling of a grand complication  – the brand’s most complex wrist watch to date, but also were and are about other commemorative watches, the brand’s future and more.  “Back in 1964, when I took over Patek Philippe,” says Philippe Stern,…

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Watch Industry Veteran Journalist Roberta Naas Shares True Views on Time, Watches, Brands and Much More in an Exclusive Podcast Interview

 |  October 17th, 2014

For those who want an insider’s view on leaders, legend-makers and visionaries in the watch industry – you may want to settle down with a cup of coffee, or a glass of scotch and listen to the just-released pod-cast interview with Roberta Naas – 30-year watch veteran journalist. Far be it from us to harangue you for 40 minutes with talk about the watch industry, but, if you are interested in hearing a little about how I got started in this field, how the watch industry has evolved over the past three decades, and what is important today —  you may be interested in listening to a portion of the 40-minute podcast I took part in recently with Amit Dev Handa…

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