Off The Cuff – Casio’s ProTrek Tough Solar Is Ideal For Any Outdoor Adventure

 |  April 1st, 2015

What’s the most important aspect of a watch? It depends on who you are and what the occasion is. For hikers and outdoors people in general its versatility. As with any tool, while on the trail, if its heavy throw it to the wayside, and the more functions it has the better. In the end that means the fewer items you have to carry. Today we touch on a timepiece that is geared for those who love to challenge themselves amongst great outdoors. The Casio ProTrek Tough Solar PRG270-4 is a watch specifically designed with the hiker in mind as it is stocked with an upwards of ten different “modes” to keep tabs on your travels. Aptly named, this digitized…

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Liquid Time: Introducing the HYT H3 Linear Watch (BaselWorld 2015)

 |  March 25th, 2015

We were among the first to introduce the world to the concept of liquid watches back in 2011 when Vincent Perriard, Founder of HYT (Hydro-Mechanical Timepieces) shared with us his concepts of using liquid for the time indication of a watch. He launched his brand in 2012 at BaselWorld and now, three years later, unveils the third evolution. (You can read about other HYT evolutions here, here and here.) The new HYT H3 takes the idea of liquid time indications to new heights with this watch that – for the first time – is rectangular instead of round in shape. The two-tiered case design features an all-new movement and a linear indication of time, as opposed to a circular around-the-dial…

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Jacob & Co Unveils New Astronomia Watches and an $18 Millon Watch (BaselWorld 2015)

 |  March 23rd, 2015

This year, Jacob & Co. – masters at haute joaillerie watches — once again surprises and delights with a huge array of timepieces that range from complex tourbillons to stunning emerald delights. Last year, the brand released its Astronomia watch — you can read about that here. This year, there are several new renditions — in an updated format that brings the Earth and moon to all new heights. The new Astronomia  watch has been reconfigured with a larger, more open aired domed sapphire crystal for viewing the sun, moon, and tourbillon with multi axis’s.  The newest pieces: Astronomia Baguette and Aventurine.  Both are powered by the JCEM01 caliber with an orbital display that makes a full cycle around the dial…

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Here’s to the Official Opening of BaselWorld 2015

 |  March 18th, 2015

If you are a watch lover you know that there is one exhibition in the world that is not to be missed: BaselWorld. What? You have never been? What are you waiting for? This is one of the few global exhibitions open to the public (for a small entry fee) and it is THE show to visit.  In short, it is the largest, most anticipated show of the year because thousands – yes, thousands – of watch and jewelry brands reveal their biggest secrets: pieces they have been working on for years.   In superb exhibition space with two- and three-story tall booths watches and jewelry sit side by side with incredible art and cultural exhibits that tell each brand’s…

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Off The Cuff – The Devon Tread 2 – Why this Watch Will Fascinate You And Increase Your Productivity? (Video)

 |  March 9th, 2015

Swiss and top German watch companies tend to be credited as the more innovative and original brands on the market when it comes to watches. However, the Los Angeles-based Devon Works challenges that notion entirely. “Made in the USA” or perhaps more specifically “Made in California” is now something to be proud of, especially if you’re wearing a Devon watch on your wrist. Scott Devon, the brand’s founder and creative director (and designer of the  Devon GTX supercar) has developed products that embody the American spirit of innovation and freedom. We’ve had the pleasure in the past to delve into this amazing brand and explore their Tread 1 (which you can read about here) and other  patented, very inventive engineered-technology watches. Now, we bring…

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