Bremont Unveils New America’s Cup Watches: Bremont AC35, Bremont AC-R-II

 |  February 27th, 2017

Yes, in January at SIHH, there was talk of how Bremont’s involvement in the 35th America’s Cup would continue. The brand has been on board with the America’s Cup Event Authority since 2015 – holding various titles and relationships. Now, the brand continues to work with the Event Authority and – today in England — unveils several important new collections in honor of the world’s greatest sailing competition. Among the new models is the Bremont AC35 in 18-karat gold and the Bremont AC-R-II The relationship between Bremont and America’s Cup makes perfect sense. The first competition was held in 1851 off the shores of England. The winning boat, the fastest boat to sail around the Isle of Wight, was awarded…

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Book Review: Oscar Heyman, The Jeweler’s Jeweler

 |  February 26th, 2017

Sometimes we forget that we have a rich American history in the world of watches and jewelry, but the new book just coming out on the market, Oscar Heyman, The Jeweler’s Jeweler, reminds us of that past. The family-owned, New York City-based Company has been in business since 1912 and the book by Yvonne J. Markowitz and Elizabeth Hamilton underscores the growth of the company and the scope of its superb jewelry making adventures. The brand, known also as Oscar Heyman & Brothers, has been meticulously crafting jewelry and adornments for some of the most elite jewelry houses in America – hence the nickname the “jeweler’s Jeweler.” However, the brand has also designed for top clients around the world —…

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Interview: KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer Shares His Grail Songs and More

 |  February 24th, 2017

Last week we had the opportunity to interview guitarist Tommy Thayer, a.k.a the Spaceman, of KISS. He was talking then about his involvement in raising money for the Oregon Military Museum, named after his war-hero dad. However, we did get to ask a few questions on a more rock-and-roll tone. Here we bring you the answers to the questions our readers told us they wanted to know. ATP: If you were alone on a desert island, what 3 key songs would you bring with you?    Tommy Thayer:  “Definitely I would have a Beatles song. I am a Beatles freak; I think they are the best band of all time. Maybe, even though it’s a little dark, I think Eleanor Rigby is…

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$1M Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage Sapphire Watch, Shiveringly Superb

 |  February 23rd, 2017

Once again Audemars Piguet demonstrated its exquisite watchmaking talent in the field of audacious diamond timepieces with the more than $1 million Diamond Outrage Sapphire and the $1.25 million  Diamond Outrage. The newest watches, unveiled last month at SIHH and causing quite a stir, represent the third and final round in a trilogy of timepieces that have wowed watch and jewelry lovers around the globe.  The decadent haute joaillerie timepieces feature 48 gemstone-encrusted spikes along a cuff made of gold. Each spike is designed to emulate icicles. Not only are the spikes gem set, but also the entire bracelet is shimmering with stones. Even better, the hidden secret watch case nestled within the 39-40mm tall stalactites is also gemstone adorned. The cover…

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Don’t Know What to do with that Diamond Engagement Ring after Divorce? Does

 |  February 22nd, 2017

Not to be a “Debbie Downer” so close on the heels of St. Valentine’s Day, but believe it or not, it is said hat in today’s world between 40 and 50 percent of married couples get divorced. Recent research from the University of Washington says that divorce rates also spike after the holidays. All of this may leave those who are splitting up wondering what to do with their diamond engagement rings.  Some women return the ring to the man, who shoves it in a drawer not knowing how to get his money back. Some women keep them and have the stones re-set, others want to get as far away from the memory as possible. For that reason, established an…

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