Affordable Watches – Luminox’s F-35 Lightning II Is A Stealthy Watch In More Ways Than One

 |  May 27th, 2015

American success stories can be few and far between in the watch industry. However, among a rare breed, 25 year old brand Luminox has certainly made a name for itself.  Having established a brand which holds low-light and nighttime legibility to be paramount, Luminox has been committed to creating high-performance sports watches for the likes of Navy Seals, divers and pilots. In an exclusive agreement to create Lockheed Martin timepieces, the F-35 Lightning II is a perfect example of the brand’s dedication to create such forward-thinking wrist-wear. The 44mm stainless steel brushed case houses the Swiss-made Ronda 5050.B Chronograph quartz movement. The dial features a textured black pattern which reflects the light quite well, while the hands and indicators provide…

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Will Your Watch Last 400 Years? Close-Up with the All-New Bovet 1822 Amadeo Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar

 |  May 26th, 2015

Earlier this year, in January during the SIHH in Geneva, Bovet 1822 unveiled some pretty spectacular watches. It is difficult to say this but, that’s nothing new. This independently owned  brand is known for creating some of the most beautiful masterpieces in art and craftsmanship on today’s market. Even for a veteran watch journalist with 30 years of experience, this brand still humbles me. The pure depth and perspective that goes into the case, dial and three-dimensional presentation of time is definitely to be appreciated. Bovet 1822 — owned and run by Pascal Raffy (also known as a perfectionist) — knows nothing short of perfection. The brand — under Raffy’s vigilant leadership –now unveils a new timepiece: the   Amadeo®…

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Experiencing the Indy 500 with TAG Heuer, Patrick Dempsey and Marco and Mario Andretti

 |  May 25th, 2015

It’s as American as it gets. It’s not baseball or apple pie, but it is the heartland of America: the Indy 500. It’s a funny thing but this weekend, ATimelyPerspective had been invited on a number of trips, including the Monaco Grand Prix (also with TAG Hewer). The Indy 500 was the one I knew I couldn’t miss. I’ve been a car lover since I was in ninth grade. It’s in my veins – almost as much as being a journalist is, or writing about watches is. Anyway, the Indy 500 – for those who love cars – is the place to be: the race capital of America. (Yes, I’ve also been to other Formula 1 races, Nascar races, the…

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Mastering Silicium: Going Into the Workshops with Patek Philippe (It Wasn’t Easy)

 |  May 22nd, 2015

Just the other day, I had the unique experience of spending an entire day at a workshop with Patek Philippe in New York. There, we experienced a very thorough presentation of the brand’s pioneering research in silicium, and the material’s evolution as a balance wheel and as a hair spring.  It is astonishing to see that in just about a decade, the brand has evolved not only the materials and technology, but also the parts for which that it utilizes Silinvar(R) and oxidized Silinvar(R). Following an enlightening training session, we were able to actually  try our hand at working with the Silinvar spring and balance wheel- trying to assemble it — complete with getting those tiny feet in place — and place…

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Introducing the World’s First Mechanical Watch Built for MotorSports: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Laptimer Michael Schumacher

 |  May 20th, 2015

It has been five years in the making. The concept was the brainchild of legendary racecar driver Michael Schumacher. Now, Audemars Piguet introduces a world’s first in mechanical timepieces: the Royal Oak Laptimer Michael Schumacher. First unveiled to the world at a press event held today at Corinna Schumacher’s CS Ranch in Givrins, Switzerland, the near-quarter-of-a-million-dollar watch is one of the most complicated mechanical chronographs yet to be built. It is the first of its kind, and represents the first time this family-owned business built a movement at the wishes of a brand ambassador. The all-new Royal Oak Concept Laptimer Michael Schumacher watch – a world’s first — offers consecutive lap timing with alternating flyback functions designed for continuous use.…

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