Roberta Naas to Cover Women’s Watches for Monochrome

Those who know us here at ATimelyPerspective, know that our founder, Roberta Naas, has been covering watches for almost three-and-a-half decades and has written half a dozen books on the subjects of watches and time. Now, the award-winning writer joins the esteemed team at — to cover women’s watches for the well-known watch site.

Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori High Jewelry Secret Bangle watch (photo:

Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori High Jewelry Secret Bangle watch (photo:

Monochrome-Watches is now in its 11th year in business and focuses strongly on reviewing watches for men — offering in each article a bit of history, some behind-the-scenes insight and a lot of technical detail — not to mention solid reviews. The site’s readers asked to see some women’s watch reviews — so Monochrome sought the contributions of  the “Queen of watches.”  Says Frank Geelen of Monochrome, “Roberta is the person who can do exactly what we here at Monochrome do – in-depth coverage– and it gives me great pleasure to welcome her to the team.”

Beginning last week with an article about the iconic Bulgari Serpenti watch, Naas will contribute two articles per month during the summer time, and move to weekly articles beginning in Fall.



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