Give Me Liberty or Give Me Liberty DNA! Introducing Romain Jerome’s Black Edition Liberty DNA

Romain Jerome new Limited Edition Black Liberty-DNA

Romain Jerome new Limited Edition Black Liberty-DNA

By Ryan Walsh

New Yorkers and the rest of he world are all too familiar with Lady Liberty. The great statue celebrated its 125th birthday in 2012, and Swiss watch brand Romain Jerome celebrated, too, by creating the Liberty-DNA timepiece made to resemble iconic features of Lady Liberty. Today, the brand issues an all black rendition of the Liberty-DNA, created in collaboration with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and The Gold Leaf Corporation. The Black Edition of the Liberty-DNA watch sports a black PVD coated bezel (as opposed to the original’s copper colored bezel) that sits over the dial and resembles Lady Liberty’s crown. The spokes of the bezel that mime the crown, reach over to cover a portion of the 46mm cased watch like a protective cover and eliminate the need for numerals as there are 12 spokes that are perfectly placed above the dial as markers. Through the bezel, one can view the dial, made of copper from the Statue of Liberty. The copper has now oxidized to a light gray color. Paying homage to the city that never sleeps, Romain Jerome has added a medallion emphasizing the stars of the American Flag and indicates the production number of the watch, which is limited to 125 pieces. It retails for $14,900.



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