ATimelyPerspective Half-Year Review — How to Keep Time Exciting

Keeping Time exciting - at the recent Kentucky Derby

Keeping Time exciting – at the recent Kentucky Derby

Earlier this year, we announced that this was going to be a big year for ATimelyPerspective. In January, we launched our redesign to a two-column, larger-photo, more-hands-on format. In March, we announced the return of our Weekend Sojourns, covering exotic luxury goods other than watches that collectors love. In April, we focused clearly on being a family-run, independent company that sets high standards because we are family oriented.

watches Also in late April, we introduced our Collectors’ Corner — a special guest-column feature wherein different watch lovers and collectors speak out about their favorite or least favorite watches — offering diversity of voice. We brought back Affordable Watch coverage in May.

FIFA World Cup 2014 (photo courtesy, Ritmo Mundo)

FIFA World Cup 2014 (photo courtesy, Ritmo Mundo)

In June we offered one of the most comprehensive on-line looks at watch brands involved in FIFA World Cup 2014 and soccer — offering more than 20 posts throughout the World Cup schedule on this beloved international sport.

Well, July is here and we continue for the second half of the year our active first-half-year efforts to keep time exciting. You may have already noticed our new logo that rings in July. But there is much more coming! However, with summer here, we are opting to go on a summer schedule — meaning that rather than posting daily, we may take a  day or two off along the way.  domWe know you’d rather be at the beach than at the computer and so we don’t want you sitting in the sand or surfing the waves wondering what you are missing on line. But, you will want to  be checking in because in just a few weeks, we will begin our Summer Sizzle contest. So stay tuned.


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