Holiday 2013 Videos: Watch Brands Celebrate Giving

With the Holiday season upon us, a host of watch brands have begun releasing new videos that celebrate the concept of time. Cartier, for instance, presents the fourth Winter Tale film that celebrates the magic of the holiday season.  Directed by Bibo Bergeron, the video presents a magical walk through 1920’s Paris with an adorable baby panther in the key role, accompanying Cartier delivery boys as they drop off wondrous holiday gifts.

Baume & Mercier takes a different tact with its new holiday vide, entitled “Home for the Holidays.” This film focuses on the concept of family celebrating together during the holidays, and the role that Baume & Mercier watches play in the world of giving the gift of time. This film is the first in a “Celebrate Giving” series that will roll out in 2014.

Another brand that has delved into the video realm this season is Jaeger-LeCoultre, which tells a different story with its trilogy of Leda & Zeus. While this is not a holiday video, it does entice the senses with its ethereal view of time and love.  It is a tale told in three parts, inspired by the brand’s Rendez-Vous Celestial watch – meant for romance and unforgettable moments.

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