Forbes Gallery Salutes America’s Best Jewelers

By Nancy Pier Sindt

Kaleidoscopic “Sphere” brooch by Falcher Fusager

Kaleidoscopic “Sphere” brooch by Falcher Fusager

A sparkling exhibit of one-of-a-kind jewelry is poised to dazzle the eye at The Forbes Galleries, New York. The show includes dozens of original pieces created by some of America’s top jewelry designers. The recently opened show will be on display for several months- so jewelry and art lovers visiting New York can get a chance to visit the show.

Mark Schneider’s Dove bar brooch

Mark Schneider’s Dove bar brooch

Entitled “Variations on a Theme,” the exhibition features men’s and women’s jewelry and objects created by more than 40 members of the American Jewelry Design Council, including Barbara Heinrich, Michael Good, Whitney Boin, Diana Vincent, John Iversen, Michael Bondanza and Jose Hess. The jewelry in the exhibition is the result of 18 years of art projects by members of this group.

The pieces on display were selected from the AJDC’s annual design event. For this design challenge, members are presented with a general concept or theme on which to base their designs. Themes of the past include “water,” “ice,” “cube,” “spiral” and “space.” Each artist interprets the concept into an original design using traditional

Multicolored gold Tear  bracelet by John Iversen

Multicolored gold Tear bracelet by John Iversen

diamonds, gemstones, silver and gold as well as a range of unusual materials. The result is an annual collection of wildly creative items united around a single theme, illustrating the talent and imagination of these designers.

Founded in 1988, the American Jewelry Design Council is a non-profit, educational organization whose purpose is to promote to the public an appreciation of fine jewelry as an art form. Although

"ice" pendant by Michael Good.

“ice” pendant by Michael Good.

most American jewelry designers didn’t follow the apprenticeship path of their European counterparts, many are self-taught artists who create brilliant and original work. This exhibition drives that point home, highlighting such items as a diamond-studded platinum “Master Key,” a crystal “Dove” bar brooch, a sinuous golden slinky necklace, a fluted neckpiece of hand painted bronze and 22-karat gold and a gem-encrusted gold minaret.

“Variations on a Theme” will be on view at the Forbes Galleries, 60 Fifth Avenue, New York, until February 22, 2014.

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