Zancan Offers Distinctive Men’s Jewelry

By Nancy Pier Sindt

Rings for men from Zancan

Rings for men from Zancan

This Italian jewelry company may have an olive tree growing in its interior, but its designs are far from understated and peaceful. For example, if your pleasure is a pendant in the form of a perfectly scaled revolver or a diamond-studded grenade, Zancan is your place.  But more about that later.

Zancan SpA is a 25-year old jewelry manufacturing company located in Ponte di Nanto, in the Berici hills of northern Italy. Situated in one of Italy’s top gold-manufacturing regions, the small town is located between Venice and Verona. In 2001, company founder Robertino Zancan  decided to specialize his production exclusively to men’s jewelry. He explains that his objective was “to create a line of men’s jewelry and accessories in which every aspect of the masculine personality is interpreted with elegance and energy.”

Star pendant with  bold authoritative appeal from Zancan

Star pendant with bold authoritative appeal from Zancan

The product is distinctive, fashioned out of traditional 18-karat gold and diamonds, but also titanium, black diamonds, spinels, ceramic and stainless steel. The designs are clearly aimed at men with a taste for the unique, and all pieces are meticulously handcrafted.  Exhibiting its newest collection at the prestigious About J jewelry trade fair in Venice held earlier this month, Zancan showed a

Black Magic bracelet from Zancan.

Black Magic bracelet from Zancan.

range of jewelry products, including rings, bracelets, pendants, watches and personal accessories. The aforementioned “weapons” were displayed as an example of the company’s capability of producing one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces.  As for the centuries-old olive tree, it stands proudly inside Zancan’s ultramodern facility, serving as a centerpiece and symbol of the company.  Zancan jewelry retails from around $600 up to several thousand dollars.

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