A Look at 3 Top Devon Watches for Men and Women

3 Top Devon Watches

3 Top Devon Watches

We’ve written about Devon before. In fact, we even wore and reviewed one of the brand’s first timepieces here. Now we take a look at three great pieces from this American timepiece manufacturer. These watches feature patented movement technology, a system of Time Belts and more – making them radically bold and different for a watch made in America. They are made in California with American aerospace engineers involved. The Devon Tread 1 was inspired by the industrial revolution’s conveyor belts. The Tread 1 Steampunk is a special rendition of the Tread 1. It is offered in a limited edition of 150 pieces in bronze body armor (a complex system of parts and rivets in bronze). The Tread 2 is more of a hybrid of mechanical moving parts and a lithium battery that packs extra energy rather than a mainspring. That makes this watch much more affordable. Each of these collections is a bold rendition that will have you –and others – constantly looking at your watch.  Shown here together are the Tread 2 Murder ($9,950), the Tread 1 Steampunk ($25,000) and the Tread 1A ($17,500).

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  1. Wow – not sure how we feel about these. Do they actually weigh as much as it looks like they do? they are certainly unique designs and perhaps something that will accumulate in value and reputation over the next few years.

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