Equestrian Inspirations

Fendi, Hermes, Ralph Lauren

Fendi, Hermes, Ralph Lauren

Before the advent of automobiles, many of today’s luxury watchmakers were saddlers and leather goods specialists. Others simply grew up in the world where equestrian involvement was all encompassing, and they quickly recognized a need to  outfit the rider and horse lover.  Today, top watch brands embrace the equestrian world with design accents that tell their story.  Pictured above:  Hermès Arceau ($3,000) with a dial inspired by the path of horses in a manege, indicated by the sloping numerals directed toward the center.  Ralph Lauren elegant Stirrup Steel Link watch ($2,500)  crafted in a stirrup-shaped steel case a supple stainless-steel link bracelet. Fendi’s Selleria watch cases (from $850) and stainless-steel bracelet ($300) or interchangeable straps ($125) can be mixed and matched for versatility; this model features the horse motif and saddle-stitching strap. (Portions of this article appeared in Hamptons Magazine.)

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