Friday’s Fabulous Find: ALOR Watches for Women

Alor(R) Swiss Watches

Alor(R) Swiss Watches

It isn’t everyday that a new watch brand makes its debut on the market. But California-based ALOR® fine jewelry is launching a line of intriguing and affordable Swiss-made timepieces that definitely caught our eye. While the collection is for men and women, we are particularly impressed by their women’s timepiece.

In a world where great women’s watches are hard to find at an affordable price point, ALOR  has stepped up the game with its new unveiling of Swiss watches . ALOR ® Swiss Watches pays homage to today’s busy woman with a collection of top-quality craftsmanship timepieces that are at once extremely fashion forward yet timeless. The watches are classic beauties that fall into several very distinctive lines, and range in retail price from $695 to just under $4,000. There are five collections in the initial un1979 by Alor(R) features a moveable double bezel.veiling, each of which has its own strong identity, including a ceramic round series, a round line with a double bezel design, an oval watch and more.

1979 by Alor(R) features a moveable double bezel.

Easily one of the most exciting collections is the 1979 — a whimsical and alluring line that features a detached dual bezel – yielding a slightly moveable case within an outer bezel that allows for a playful yet incredibly elegant take on time.  All of the ALOR watches are offered on straps or on intricately made woven cable bracelets that require incredible precision and technology to create. Many pieces feature mother-of-pearl dials and diamond accents. (portions of this article also appear in LAConfidential magazine)

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