Top Watches Under $4,000 — Tire’d’s Rapide

The new Tire'd Rapide

The new Tire’d Rapide

We introduced this brand — Tire’d — to you back a few months ago here. Now we bring you some up close and personal shots of this unusual and very bold timepiece line. The first watches out from the Tire’d  brand is the Rapide — made with recycled titanium and  recycled tires. I happen to have fallen in love with the limited edition watch watch — which may look big in this picture, but it’s a cool big — something definitely to be noticed.

Tire'd Rapide in white with blue accents.

Tire’d Rapide in white with blue accents.

While we are not a fan of the brand name — Tire’d — once the story is out there about it – the name makes sense. Founder Ed Cole says he was tired of what was on the market, so he spread his wings and got creating — use recylcled tires to offer a true green side to the watch. Yep, now “Tire’d” makes some sense.

The three colors of Rapide by Tire'd.

The three colors of Rapide by Tire’d.

These watches are perfect for the sports person in you — as they feature the crown on the left side at 10:00  — making it super easy to wear whether snowboarding, skiing or even skeet shooting. The year-two offerings include the black watch, a new camo green watch that is really great for hunters and outdoorsmen (and women), and the really superb white watch with blue accents.  These watches all come in at $3,850 — for a Swiss made timepiece that has several patents pending. Gotta love it.

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