60 Limited Edition Curtis Lincoln Pen Overlays Found

Curtis Lincoln Pen

Curtis Lincoln Pen

Recently, the owners of Curtis Australia (writing instrument company) came upon an amazing discovery – a sealed padded bag in the back of a vault underneath a log of paperwork.  Inside: 60 sterling silver Abraham Lincoln pen overlays the company had produced a few years ago. The mold for these overlays had been publicly destroyed in Washington, D.C. in July of 2009, insuring that the number of pens produced would be clearly limited. And while this new discovery will not affect the number in the edition, additional—and unexpected—pens are now available.

Currently,Curtis Australia has a Presidential series of limited edition pens that includes Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, in addition to Lincoln. A Theodore Roosevelt pen is slated to make its debut in late spring. Each of the pens is embellished with a finely sculpted sterling silver overlay with the likeness of its namesake and pertinent details reminiscent of his life and work. Each is handcrafted using the lost-wax casting method of production, a hallmark of fine jewelry making. Pen collectors will undoubtedly be delighted to hear the news of more Lincoln pens on the horizon. The fountain pen will retail for $750 and the rollerball for $595.

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