Complicated Watches: MB&F Unveils Horological Machine HM4 Final Edition

MB&F HM4 Final Edition

MB&F HM4 Final Edition

As with most pieces Max Busser and MB&F releases – the new HM4 Final Edition is a work of complex artistry and excellence. The bold watch takes direct inspiration from stealth aircraft. It also marks the end of an era for the brand. When the original HM4 Thunderbolt was launched three years ago, MB&F insisted that just 100 HM4 movements would ever be manufactured. To date, 92 have been creating – translating to the final 8 movements that will go into the HM4 Final Edition. Created in high-tech titanium with HM4-Final-Edition-Front_previewblack PVD with both matt and shiny surfaces, the watch houses the unique 311-component HM4 engine. The sleek aerodynamic form of HM4 has its roots in Maximilian Büsser’s childhood passion for assembling model plane kits, though none looked remotely as futuristic as these. The striking transparent sapphire section of the case requires over 185 hours of machining and polishing to transform an opaque solid block of crystal into a complex, exquisitely curved panel allowing the light to come in and the beauty of the HM4 engine to stand out. Two mainspring barrels connected in parallel provide 72 hours of energy and they transfer their power to the dual jet-turbine-like indication pods via vertical gear trains. Visible through a shaped sapphire display panel on the top of the case, a distinctive streamlined cock supports the balance, its center cut away to reveal as much of the oscillating wheel as possible. Have to touch it to truly experience it. But with only eight ever being made – you’d better fly to the exclusive retailers carrying this beauty.

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