Off the Cuff: Affordable Digital Reflex Watches

By Kyle Lyon

Reflex by Ritmo Mundo -- at work

Reflex by Ritmo Mundo — at work

From the moment I turned it on, the bright blue LED lights blinked with energy. A sense of excitement rushed over me. Surrounded with a gel-like rubber material the shade of a light blue, my digital Reflex watch from Ritmo Mundo made me one of the coolest kids on the block! Compared to a traditional watch clasp, the Reflex easily forms to your wrist with its retro 90’s “slap-band” style.  This, of course, makes it very easy to take off when everybody keeps asking to see it! Understanding how to read the time, though,  can definitely take some getting use to. The watch is not illuminated constantly, but when you want to find out the time, you just press a button and the LED lights show

Refelx by Ritmo Mundo is a slap watch -flat to begin with and just slap it on the wrist.

Refelx by Ritmo Mundo is a slap watch -flat to begin with and just slap it on the wrist.

the hours on the left and minutes on the right. If you press the button twice, the time will switch over and show the date as well. As far as how it feels around the wrist, the Reflex is extremely light and half the time you forget it’s there until someone comments about it.

At 20 years old and as a recent graduate from Culinary School, my focus is in tableside service. That being said, my appearance and interaction with my guest is crucial. Switching from a very traditional watch, a Tourneau Safari, to the Reflex, has definitely turned some heads. I get comments such as

Reflex on the wrist

Reflex on the wrist

“Is that a heart rate monitor?” or “Can you make a phone call with it?” Of course when you tell them what it is and press the button, everyone always gasps in awe. Just that alone makes such a great conversation starter and people are just fascinated by. In addition to functionality, the Reflex pairs great with most outfits. There are days where I can wear it to the gym in the morning, transition into my work clothes and finish the day with an evening out with friends. The watch is available in so many different color combinations between the band and LED lights.  Simply, at a cost of only $150,  the Ritmo Mundo Reflex is a great little buy to give some personality to your lifestyle and bring you into the digital watch age. Besides, it comes in lotsof different colors.


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  1. Simply awesome! Have been wanting one for some time now! Just waiting for my tax return!:)) Gotta get a black one for sure!

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