Around the World: Parmigiani Watches Unveils the ultra-cool Oval Watch with Telescopic Hands

Last night, we at Atimelyperspective were fortunate enough to get to see this watch up close and personal! This is a must-see, must-have watch! There are no two ways about it — Just take a look at the video below.  The new Parmigiani Oval watch with Telescopic hands is produced in an extremely limited edition of just 30 pieces in 18-karat white gold and 30 pieces in 18-karat rose gold – retailing for $95,000. And I must say- this is one watch that if I had the extra $95,000, I’d be plunking it down right now to reserve my piece! Watches will be coming out throughout 2012 and their design is based on an archival watch found in the Sandoz Collection.

Original watch that inspired Michele Parmigiani to create the new Telescopic Hands pieceWhat’s so cool about this watch – other than the fact that it is a hand-made superbly built mechanical movement Parmigiani —  is the telescopic hands… Yes, telescopic . As the hands move around the dial, they retract to fit the narrow sides of the dial (3:00 and 9:00) and expand to meet the longer portions of the dial (12:00 and 6:00). Even more wild is the fact that all of the mechanics for these hands – 60 components – are hidden beneath a tiny center circle on the dial. View the video below to see how this watch works. (It is currently on display until Nov. 26 at la Vielle Russie, 5th and 59th, NYC). On a coolness scale of 1-10 – this is an 11.


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